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Footlogix Ruberised Foot Paddle


The Footlogix ruberised foot paddle is encased in a satin-smooth, contoured comfort grip, this double sided file has a multi-directional grit that will not shred skin. This file is the perfect tool for your at-home pedicures or as part of a daily foot care routine and works best when used with the Footlogix Callus Softener.

Further information on our treatments can be found on our manicure and pedicure page.


Footlogix Shoe Fresh Deodorant


Formulated with Tea-Tree Oil, Footlogix Shoe Deodorant is proven to effectively kill odor-causing bacteria in shoes and leaves a refreshing scent. Formula will not harm leather or canvas. Refreshing shoe spray that kills the bacteria that causes odour and provides a fresh fragrance.

Footlogix Foot Fresh Deodorant


Formulated with Tea-Tree Oil and Menthol. Proven to effectively kill odour-causing bacteria. This formula neutralizes foot odors, cools the skin and leaves a refreshing scent.

Footlogix Nail Tincture Spray


This nail tincture spray contains an effective anti-fungal agent that has beem proven to provide preventative care for toe nails prone to fungal infections. The spray can also be used between the toes for peeling skin. Containing avacado oil and panthenol to restore a healthy sheen to the toe nails.

Footlogix Peeling Skin


Containing an effective anti-fungal agent, this formula provides relief of peeling skin and itching on the soles of the feet and between the toes, resulting from Athlete’s Foot or fungal infections.

Footlogix Rough Skin


Containing an effective anti-fungal agent and moisturiser, this formula provides effective relief from scaling and irriation of dry, rough skin prone to fungal infections.

Footlogix Very Dry Skin


This formula is proven to moisturise and restore very dry skin, with daily use. This product is recommended as a daily foot care for all diabetics.

Footlogix DD Daily Defence Cream


This hydrating yet lightweight creamy mousse locks moisture into the skin with each application. The distinct anti-microbial properties of the bioactive patented Spirulina microalgae makes this formula a great product for night care.