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Potionshop Acne Kit



Potionshop Acne Kit for Acne-Prone Skin

Potionshop acne kit is a simple 3 step skincare kit ideal for acne prone skin. Helps control breakouts, reduces redness and balances the skin for a healthier, fresher complexion.

  • The foaming facial wash deep cleans with soothing chamomile to help desensitise  and toning mandarin to combat breakouts.
  • Organic bamboo scrub with salicylic acid and Aloe vera exfoliates the skin without drying it. use twice a week
  • Moisturise with our treatment oil packed full of calming calendula and protective jojoba oil. Use 3 drops after cleansing.

Each kit contain 100ml facial wash, 20ml facial scrub & 10ml treatment oil.

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