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Massage in manchester

Sports Massage

(Restorative & Corrective Therapy for chronic pain)

Sports massage is designed to help with chronic pains, tightness, muscle weakness, back/shoulder pain, headaches and more. A full consultation will be given prior to your massage.

What’s included:

*Save up to £150 with packages*

sports massage manchester

Deep Tissue Massage

(Deep Massage Therapy for any pains, discomforts or tightness)

Deep tissue massage is designed to work the muscle tissues on a deeper level to help alleviate muscle adhesions. This can immediately help with pains, muscle tightness, muscle weakness, back/shoulder pain, headaches and more. 
What’s included:

*Save up to £60 with packages*

deep tissue massage manchester


(Gentle muscle RELAXation techniques)

Designed to relieve tension and pain and to help reduce stress levels. A therapeutic massage can stimulate the skin, good hormones and the nervous system, giving a sense of calmness, reducing emotional and physical stress.

therapeutic massage manchester

Anastasia (Ana)

(Sports massage / Deep tissue / Therapeutic)

My name is Anastasia. 

You probably expect me to tell you a wonderful story about how I have been striving to work in the health industry my entire life. I must disappoint you however I never saw myself in this position despite the fact everyone around me telling me that I have a natural talent.

I grew up in the village around animals and elderly people so there was always someone with lower back pain and I was always happy to “knead the dough” – this is how I described me massaging people HA! My grandfather had a condition called radiculopathy (trapped nerve in the spinal column) so early memories of my childhood involve 5 yo Ana walking with her little feet on grandpa’s back trying to make him feel better.

My life has always been and still is closely intertwined with horses. I started riding when I was 10yo and now have 2 of my own. If you ever had a horse or horsey friend you know that these silly animals are masters of self-injuries and vet bills are rather stingy. Hence I started educating myself on the biomechanics of the horse, anatomy and physiotherapy. I wanted to be a vet however this desire varnished since I found out that sometimes vets have to let animals go to a better place so I became a solicitor. Like you do haha 🙂 I graduated from the University of Manchester and……never really felt satisfied with the job. I felt unaccomplished since I did not think I was making a change in a person’s life.

Fast forward some years I was still massaging friends, family, dogs, horses anyone that came my way as a fun hobby…and I kept hearing from everyone that I should really think about a job in the health industry. Eventually, I gave up and started a degree in sports massage therapy. And I must say it is one of the best decisions I have made in my life. I love what I do with my whole heart and the feeling of being able to help people, take away their pains, and instil some confidence and reassurance about their health is a magical feeling that cannot be replicated by anything else.

I truly hope to become the best therapist I can. I go above and beyond to help any person who trusts me to treat them.


Due to lockdown, we have lost our in-house facial & massage therapist.

To continue offering a range of treatments, we are looking for local therapists that specialize in their own fields to provide their signature treatments within our salon. We have a high standard of quality at Nataya Beauty and we only share our salon with other therapists that share our standards.

Looking to rent salon space in the city centre? Email: [email protected]