Nataya’s Vegan Beauty Treatments

At Nataya Beauty we proudly offer a range of luxurious, cruelty-free Vegan Beauty treatments. One of the most popular Vegan treatments we offer is the Moroccan Spray Tan, not only does this product create a natural finish on your skin, it is also certified natural as well as being completely Organic and cruelty-free. We ensure that we only use the best products and unlike other tanning products, our Moroccan Spray Tan is free from alcohol, sulphates and parabens. Infused with Organic Argan Oil and Vitamin E, our spray tan works to naturally soften and moisturise your skin helping to provide you with a nourishing and long-lasting tan.

Moroccan Tan offers a wide range of shades to suit everyone and ensures a flawless rich finish after only 2 hours! Unlike other spray tans, you don’t have to sleep in it overnight, simply shower and watch your colour gradually develop over the next 10 hours. The culmination of Organic Argan Oil- a powerful antioxidant, with organic rosehip oil and Aloe Vera allows for a flawless, streak-free formula that is quick drying and won’t leave you feeling sticky!

Natural Beauty Treatments

Our commitment to providing natural, cruelty-free treatments also extends to our Vegan LVL Lash lift- a revolutionary alternative to lash extensions. This treatment keeps your natural lashes protected, requiring no eyelash curlers, mascara or false lashes! This long-lasting treatment will help to brighten your eyes, enabling them to appear wider without having to apply any other products.

Our low maintenance, natural treatment is both heat- and water-proof and should last you up to 6 weeks if you treat them right! Free from harsh perming techniques, LVL lashes will help to add length, volume and lift to each of your lashes. Our products work with your natural lashes using silicone shields as opposed to harsh perming rods. The treatment will also tint your eyelashes to create the effect of mascara being applied- over time this colour will fade at the tip, maximizing your lashes further. If this sounds like a treatment you may be interested in, then take a look at the LVL gallery for client photos to get a better idea of what to expect!

If you are looking for luxurious Vegan treatments that use cruelty-free, natural products on your skin feel free to call us on 0161 832 2448 to speak to one of our team about any queries you may have! Alternatively, you could drop in for a chat with one of our clinicians who will be more than happy to talk you through all the Vegan treatments we offer at Nataya Beauty!