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Footlogix Shoe Fresh Deodorant

Formulated with Tea-Tree Oil, Footlogix Shoe Deodorant is proven to effectively kill odor-causing bacteria in shoes and leaves a refreshing scent. Formula will not harm leather or canvas. Refreshing shoe spray that kills the bacteria that causes odour and provides a fresh fragrance.



Footlogix Shoe Fresh Deodorant 125ml

Footlogix Shoe Fresh Deodorant.

A deodorant created using tea tree oil hence it leaves you with a refreshing scent. This product is proven to effectively kill odor-causing bacteria in shoes. The formula will not harm leather or canvas. Customers can enjoy clean and fresh smelling shoes with the Footlogix Shoe Fresh Spray. It’s especially good for people always on the go and it also comes in a 125ml spray bottle for convenience.

The unique and groundbreaking technology, along with its scientific formulation enables active ingredients to penetrate faster. Therefore it reaches troubled skin of the feet quickly.

Customers can now take home their very own medicated foot care products.

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