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What Is It Like To Have An Underarm Wax?

My first underarm wax

My first underarm wax – What Is It Like To Have An Underarm Wax?

Sick of shaving? Bored of hair removal creams that don’t perform the way they promise? We’ve all been there. Whether we’re after silky smooth legs, a perfectly tidy bikini line or prickle-free underarms. At Nataya Beauty, we offer the incredible Lycon Precision Waxing in our Manchester city centre salon. We have seen many of our fabulous clients become total converts to this fuss-free hair removal method after just one treatment.

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to have an underarm wax for the first time, you’re in luck – today, our client Charlotte will be answering some of the most frequently asked questions about the treatment following her first ever wax. Has she ditched the razor for good? Read on to find out!

OK, first things first:

Does it hurt to have an underarm wax?

“The whole process was SO much gentler than I imagined. I’d been scared to have a wax for years and years (after disastrous experiments with home waxing strips) but I had nothing to worry about. Nataya prepared the underarm area with a pre-waxing oil which acts as a barrier to the skin – helping to reduce the sting – then used the hot wax system to remove the hairs, talking me through every stage of the process. Because the Lycon Wax shrink-wraps around the hair (not the skin) as it cools, the pain is minimal and any discomfort only lasts a second or two.

After every bit of wax removal, Nataya pressed on my skin then applied a soothing balm at the end of the treatment. The experience was a breeze, and really efficient – I was then left with gorgeously smooth underarms!”

Is your underarm area really as smooth as you think it will be afterwards?

“It’s amazing how smooth my underarms were after the treatment. I’d always been conscious of the dark shadow I was left with after shaving, but after Nataya completed my waxing session I could tell this was visibly reduced. Because the hairs are removed from the root, there were no dark stubs left behind. I was sure to follow the Lycon Waxing aftercare tips to make sure I got the most out of the treatment. By exfoliating the area a couple of days later and avoiding deodorant for around 12-24 hours, my skin felt both super smooth and free from any irritation.

The feeling you get after a fresh wax is really quite addictive, and I am already thinking of booking in for the treatment in other areas – I think my legs will be next!”

So when is the best time to book in for an underarm wax?

‘When I had my underarm wax my hairs were quite short – the Lycon Waxing system actually works on hair as short as just 1mm! I am now planning to get into a proper waxing schedule so my underarms stay smooth and fresh, especially with my wedding coming up. I’d highly recommend this treatment to anyone who wants to put down that razor for good; it’s safe to say I’m a total convert! Bear in mind that there are a few contra-indications which can prevent a waxing appointment from going forward, so if you tick any of those boxes it’s best to chat to Nataya directly.

I can’t wait to book in for my next underarm waxing appointment at Nataya Beauty!”

It’s official – Charlotte is our latest Lycon Waxing superfan. Will you be treating yourself to a waxing treatment at our salon just off Deansgate this spring?

Products used during treatment: Lycon Ingrown X-It – antibacterial and antiseptic, designed to break down dead skin to improve ingrown hairs.

Nataya x

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