Moroccan Spray Tan

Moroccan Spray Tan is natural-looking, Certified Natural as well as Organic, Cruelty-Free and Vegan-Friendly spray tanning

It is Alcohol, Sulphate and Paraben-Free. Moroccan Spray Tan is also infused with organic argan oil and vitamin E, which helps to soften and moisturise in turn nourishing the skin and giving a long lasting tan.

The processing time is ONLY 2 hours, which means you won’t need to sleep in it overnight. After that, you can shower and go!! Moroccan Tan will continue to develop for a further 10 hours after your 1st shower so don’t panic when you’ve washed off your guide colour.

The Argan oil spray tan is flawless, streak-free and suitable for all skin types. A quick-drying formula that is non-sticky and non-oily.

Nataya Beauty is a certified spray tan specialist in Manchester and we offer high-end spray tanning services using the top brand, MoroccanTan®.

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Vegan cruelty-free tanning product range
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Moroccan Spray Tan Original Range:

For pinky / red toned skin, this formula has a green base to counteract orange tones, giving a natural looking tan.

This spray tan uses a quick-drying, no-sticky formula which is absorbed deeply into the skin, leaving you with an instant tan. The blend of argan oil and vitamins nourishes the skin while giving a longer lasting tan.

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Moroccan Spray Tan Exotic Range:

For warm, yellow / olive toned skin, this formula has a violet base in order to counteract orange tones, giving a natural looking glow.

A full consultation will be given at your appointment.

Advanced colour-blending and triple enhanced bronzers leave your skin glowing with a deep bronze exotic tan,

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  • Ensure you have showered and exfoliated thoroughly in the days leading up to your tan appointment
  • Wax or shave 8-24 hours prior to your appointment
  • Do not apply moisturisers, body oils/butters, deodorant or perfume before your tan
  • Bring dark, loose clothing and footwear to wear after so as nothing rubs against the skin



After your tan and before your 1st shower you will need to look after your tan with the following precautions:

  • Do not wash hands or get wet after your spray tan
  • Avoid activities that make you perspire
  • Avoid using soap or shampoo with your 1st shower
  • Pat body down carefully to dry off, do not scrub
  • Do not apply moisturisers, body oils/butters, deodorants, perfume to the skin immediately after a spray tan and not until your tan has fully developed (8-10 hours).

For all tans (excluding 15%)* you can leave your guide tan on between 2-4 hours, after that you can shower off using your hands until the water runs clear. Your tan will fully develop a further 8-10 hours after your 1st shower.

*15% tans should be washed off between 1-2 hours.

Retail products are available to help moisturise and prolong your tan with body butter, gradual tanning or instant tanning mousse. Visit our SHOP to view products.

We are a certified Moroccan Tan salon in Manchester city centre, so you will be able to find us on the official MorrocanTan SALON FINDER.

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