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Manicures at Nataya Beauty

Everyone loves a pampering, which is why Nataya Beauty provides a range of manicures to ensure your nails always look their best. We are also natural nail specialists, therefore we take care and pride in looking after your natural nails.

Visit our award winning and Treatwell Top Rated salon in Manchester to see just exactly what we can do for you.

Our mini manicures come with CND Vinylux as standard.

Different occasions call for different needs, which is why we offer a mini, luxury and deluxe manicures.

A standard mini manicure comes with:
Cuticle Tidy | File | Shape | CND Vinylux Application | Solar Oil Application

The luxury manicure involves:
Soak | Exfoliation | Cuticle Tidy | File | Shape | Hand & Arm Massage | CND Vinylux Application | Solar Oil Application

Our ultimate, deluxe manicure comprises of the luxury treatment as well as a paraffin wax treatment.

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How about something a little fancier and also longer lasting? Add CND Shellac gel polish to any luxury or deluxe manicure for only £10 extra.

CND Shellac

This is the most popular treatment offered at Nataya Beauty in Manchester, due to our outstanding service and above all, it’s the world-leading gel polish treatment.

CND is so popular due to it being 3-free and having 14+ day wear, with over 100 colours, instant drying, and it being the ONLY product on the market where no buffing or filing of the natural nail is required.
3-free means that CND has no formaldehyde, no dibutyl phthalate and no toluene, therefore making it one of the safest products.

Don’t forget, Nataya Beauty will also remove your old CND Shellac for free if it was applied at our salon.

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IBX Repair and Natural Nail Rehab

During a complimentary nail consultation, we can look at any peeling, split or ridged nails. Also, any white spots or dents in the nail. Due to any previous nail damage or natural occurring peeling, this can cause your manicure service to not falter. As a result of nail damage, the surface of the nail is unable to hold anything that sits on top, causing polish to lift ot chip. This is where the wonder of Famous Names IBX comes into play. Specifically designed to repair and strengthen nails, this in-salon treatment can help repair peeling and make your polish last 3 times longer.

IBX can be used just as a treatment for the natural look, or power it up with CND Shellac to give your nails that extra strength and protection.


IBX Nail repair

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CND Solar OilHome Manicures

Don’t have time for an appointment? Nataya Beauty offers a range of manicure products for use at home. So, why not take home your very own CND Vinylux colour and top coat and try it for yourself. Or the all important CND Solar Oil, great for hydrating and moisturising your nails and hands. It also acts as an anti-inflammatory so brilliant for burns and cuts.