Video Transcript for Holographic Unicorn Nail by Chyaz

Hi guys, today I’m going to be showing you how to achieve these absolutely magical holographic unicorn inspired nails.

So I made this video with my friend Nataya, she’s an incredibly talented nail technician. I absolutely love her work and she recently won this incredible award too. Links to her website and all of her social media pages will be in the description just below

So for this she used the CND shellac system, and she started off by applying this base coat to each nail. There’s load of cool technology in this base coat which helps your nails out, and then we popped it in the machine to cure it, which I always thinks looks really futuristic.

So then we used the CND shellac polish in Beau which is a gorgeous nude and applied this to the index finger. Next up Nataya used the CND Shellac in Be Demure, which is a beautiful pastel pink; first off to the thumb and the little finger before of course curing them.

Then we put two more coats of the colours on to the nails just to give it more of an opaque finish which is always useful when you’re doing a base for any look, it’s always good to have that solid base of colour, and when you’re using pastels you sometimes have to pop on a couple of extra coats just to get that really gorgeous finish.

Now it’s time to get holographic so we’ll be using the Lecenté system so first up is this special magical base coat which is going to help the holographic powder to do its thing. Then the fun really begins so the powder is applied with this little sponge all over the nail, and then it’s buffed in, and it’s a static energy reaction which creates this amazing holographic effect. Look at how cool that looks!

So first up we did the middle finger, and then Nataya brushed it all off and went over it just a little bit more. Just look at how amazing it is. Then we did the same on the little finger as well. We’ve of course repeated everything on the other hand as well so it’s all symmetrical on both sides, and then added top coats. For the top we took the open pot of Lecenté that you can see here and created this awesome glittery design which looked beautiful and was also just perfectly reminiscent of unicorns; I mean pink rainbow sparkles, what more could you ask for? Then added a top coat.

We decided to add some Swarovski crystals which you can see on the table there; so we popped on some nail glue first and then the crystals so there’s a large on in the middle, and they decrease in size and they just go around top of the nail for just a really effective finish.

This is just on the index fingers. Then for an extra dose of holographic goodness, we took this Lecenté pot with the lid on that you can see, and created this incredible holographic unicorn horn shape just on the ring fingers. It’s a subtle but really effective nod to the awesomeness that is the unicorn.

Then we finished off with some final top coats to help everything stay in place and stay looking absolutely gorgeous. And that is the finished look, I am so in love with these nails and that is the understatement of the year. They are absolutely stunning, Nataya is so talented so thank you guys so much for watching, I hope you love these. Leave me a comment, let me know what you think and I will see you in my next video. Bye!

Video Transcript for Key 103 and the Nails by Nataya Manicure Sessions

Tuesday night in Manchester, this is Key 103; Jess Glynne and Hold My Hand, I’m Michael Blades. This week on the show it’s birthday week, so we called round to surprise Joy.

“ Hi Joy, my name’s Michael, how are you?

“Fine thank you.”

“I hear it’s your birthday this week.”

“It is yeah, on Thursday.”

“So we had a call from Sally who nominated you to get a bit of a birthday treat from us which we’re gonna do this afternoon. Are you free?”


“Awesome. Happy birthday. Do you need to get ready?”

“No I was expecting Sally.”

“So her sister had lied to her, she said that she was going round ‘Aw get ready, I’m coming round, we’ll go out and do something.’”

Actually it was us who turned up.


This afternoon we picked up Joy, it was her birthday this week, and whisked her off for a manicure. There was however, when we were sorting this stuff out, when we were planning this, one small detail I forgot to check.

“So it’s day two of our little birthday adventure, we’re currently on the way back to the studies. So we’ve got a little treat lined up for Joy today, we’ve been doing these all week for different people, and we were sort of brainstorming ideas in the office and one of the ideas we had was a manicure. So there’s someone on their way to the studios now who’s a professional at this, they know what they’re doing, and it all got sort of a bit rushed through, and I don’t actually know what a manicure is. What is it?”

“It’s where you get your nails done nicely and they don’t chip within a day or so.”

“Right. Okay. Well I’m supposed to be having this done as well, so that’s happening.”


We’ve got a professional in and, well first of all it took an hour! It was an hour long this manicure! I had no idea it would be that long, I thought it was going to be about ten minutes. And the whole time they’re sat there talking about things which, I’ll be honest, I didn’t really understand. It was me just sat in the corner asking questions, so here’s what happened.

Nataya: “so let’s just cleanse your hands and take off the polish that you’ve got on. So yeah we’re just doing natural nails coz you know you’ve got to work with what you’ve got, work with what you’re momma gave you. That’s always the best way.”

Michael: “So what’s happening here?”

Nataya: “So we’re just cleaning the nail, this is just dead skin that grows up the nail called the cuticle. We’re gonna obviously tidy as we go along, we’ll just do a little bit of shaping, a little tidy”

Joy: “I was just going to leave it until Thursday and just sort of do a one colour.”

Nataya: “It’s a good job that you didn’t already go to the salon and get it all done and be like ‘actually no’”

Michael: “So here you just sand them down basically round them off. That’s obviously not a technical term as you laughed at me there. “

Nataya: “No, we just give them a little file, just tidy them up so there’s no sharp edges. Right so, is it the black you’re gonna go for or do you want a deep colour?”

Joy: “I think the black, with the sparkles.”

Nataya: “So that was that over the top, do you want a little feature nail.

Joy: “Yeah.”

Nataya: “Do you want some cakes? Which ones do you like? I’ll just peel this off. How’s this for you? Do you like the cake?”

Joy: “I love that”

So Joy’s nails were done, she looked great, she had birthday cakes on her nails, she was dead chuffed with it. Next was my turn. I also got involved in the action. I’ve never had a manicure before in my life. I can’t stress how out of my depth I was in this scenario. The first thing that happened was she gave me this palette of nails, and I had to choose a colour.

Michael: “Do I want one that will set off my eyes?”

Nataya: “It’s your skin tone, you have to look at your veins, that’s what you need to do. So if you’ve got like green veins, it means you’ve got a yellow hue to your skin which means you’re like warm tone, but then if you’ve got like blue and purple veins you’re like a core tone.”

There was me thinking you just pick your favourite colour. It turns out there’s a science to this stuff. Listen out for how nervous I sound in this as I sat down to have my manicure done.

Nataya: “Have you never had a manicure before then?”

Michael: “I have not had a manicure, no.”

Nataya: “Oh you’re missing out, this has not happened before! Okay, give them to me. Right, so we just spray them to make them nice and clean. It’s good hand positioning, I’m impressed. Have you got a girlfriend or wife or..? Is she going to notice?”

Michael: “I’ve got a wife, I would imagine so.”

So I had to pick out what colour I wanted. I’e gone for the radio station’s colours so pink and orange.

Nataya: “Right then, so if we do a yellow base and then we’ll add some glitter”

So this is starting to get very out of hand now, they are looking quite outrageous already, and I’m fast learning that I’m going to be walking around with some ridiculously bright sparkly nails.

Nataya: “Alright, so what did you want over the top?”

Michael: “Spirals?”

Nataya: “Wicked. This is a stamping method, so we place polish on to the plate and we scrape.”

Michael: “That’s a weird sensation. Ah, look at that! Oh wow! That is awesome! They are very sparkly.”

I did ask how long they are likely to last, quite a long time is the answer!

So another successful birthday treat, Joy loved her manicure. My nails now look interesting but we could not have done it today without the help of Nataya and her company Nataya Beauty. She’s based in St Mary’s Street. If you need your nails done I would highly recommend it. Search ‘Nataya Beauty’ on Facebook and Twitter, and if you quote ‘Key 103’ she’ll sort you out with a discount as well. Thank you Nataya, that was awesome.

Video Transcript for Getting my nails done & Shellac Experience | Chyaz

Hey guys, I hope you’re all good. So today’s video is going to be a mixture between like more of a Chyaz-y video and a little bit more of a vlog as well. I’m going to be talking about my experience of having gel shellac nails done and I actually have some footage of me going to get my nails done, so I’m going to talk you through the process of what happens, where I go and everything like that, and then afterwards I’m going to actually talk about my experience with gel nails, like what I like about them, any downsides or anything like that, so I’m just going to talk about my whole experience. So first up I’m going to actually take you with me to get my nails done and show you how I achieved these little talons that I have going on right now, so be sure to stick around for the chats afterwards, but for now, here is the vlog.

So I get my CND Shellac nails done at Nataya Beauty in the city centre of Manchester, she does amazing nail art, she has a gorgeous range of different shades and she is a really, really lovely person. I love going to see her. These are some of her new shades and I had that very light pink colour.

So first up I had my old shellac polish taken off, and Nataya uses the foil method to do that, and thoroughly cleanses my nails and gets rid of the old shellac before I have my new stuff put on, and after she’s taken off she also shapes my nails, and I have this short stiletto style of shaping done too. I love the attention to detail and the care that Nataya puts into my nails and it really does make a huge difference.

Here are my nails after they were all shaped and manicured and ready to go with the shellac polish. First up I just had a base coat on my nails and they were cured in the special funky little machine thing which looks really purple on here but which looks blue in real life.

All in all, I have three coats of this beautiful pastel pink shade on my nails and I think that three is the perfect number of coats for that lighter kind of shade, and I just absolutely loved how opaque the finish was. So once each coat was done I then popped my hands back into the special lamp and it did its thing and cured the gel so that it really solidifies on the nail and stays on really, really well. For some reason I find it really therapeutic to watch my hand just chilling there in the little machine getting all cured.


Once all three coats were done, we had a topcoat to put on to the nails too, and this just helps them to keep all happy and lasting for ages. I found that this shellac, the CND shellac, lasts so well and it’s just the best of the bunch that I’ve tried.

Here is the finished look of my nails, I adore them.

Okay so my nails are spot on, I totally in love with them, the shape, the colour and the finish, everything. Absolutely amazing. I’m just going to chat a bit about my experience with shellac and what I think about it and how it’s worked for me so I first had like gel polish on my nails a couple of years ago and it was before a holiday and I just couldn’t, or was it before my birthday? And I just couldn’t believe that it wasn’t going to chip or anything like that. I was so excited at the thought that I could just leave my nails and they would be absolutely fine. I always had sort of a good experience, they started to, this was at a salon a few years ago now, I did notice that after a couple of weeks they would start to peel off and etc, etc. The first few times that I had shellac, I made the mistake of peeling the polish off myself and it did leave my nails a little bit damaged; the technique I used to get the shellac gel off was not the best, so first thing I would say is I would highly recommend getting it taken off properly. You can see that Nataya, when she was doing my nails, she really did them properly and got the shellac off properly.

I’ve been to a few salons as I mentioned to have my nails done, so the initial few which were more in Cheshire were fine, and then I went to a couple more in Manchester, and they were all sort of alright but my nails, you know, lasted a couple and weeks and it was all fine. There wasn’t the hugest range of colours and things like that, there were more sort of like deeper and bolder colours; then when I eventually found Nataya, I was so excited because she has like a million different colours and it was really exciting. For me, she is just the best at just everything she does; the way that she manicures my nails beforehand, the shape, the whole service and treatment is fantastic, so I have had wonderful experiences with her.

At the moment my nails, like when I the shellac polish on the gel, they’re lasting like three weeks which is amazing. Very, very good and I’m really, really pleased with them every single time. I’ve also noticed that my nails struggle to grow long on their own, but when there is shellac polish on top, they grow really well, and it’s because they’re protected, so even though you might think “oh I don’t want to ruin my nails by having the shellac polish,” for me, I actually found that they get longer and stronger when I have it on so it’s a really funny one. That’s how I can get them to grow, it’s the protection factor that really, really does them some good for me. So that, in my experience, has been fantastic.


One thing that people say about having shellac or gel is that it can be a little expensive, so mine are £27 to have them done. For me, if I do that once a month, I just feel like, it’s my treat and it’s a lovely experience, it helps me feel put together. You know, there’s a lot of other things I don’t spend money on; so I don’t smoke, I don’t go and buy clothes every week, there’s a lot of things I don’t do and this is my treat. It’s like I’ve earned it and when I do it, it feels like a real treat for myself. That’s how I, not justify, but it’s my thing. I really, really like to have my nails done so I prioritise it as something I would do with spare money.


Now one thing people ask me is, “Chyaz, what do you do with all your nail polishes that you don’t really tend to use?” I do have a very large collection of nail polishes that I built up over the past few years. To be perfectly honest, a lot of those nail polishes are out of date now, half-finished and they probably need to be thrown away because it’s not always the most hygienic thing to keep out of date cosmetics. I do still use them still for my toes. I do need to have a bit sort out of my nail polishes and, you know, get rid of quite a few of them that are out of date and past their best, and then I need to have a core collection that I use on my toes because I just like to paint my toes with nail polish. I’m sure there will be a time where I won’t have shellac on for whatever reason, and I will just want to paint my nails normally, and I will do that. But, all in all, it’s not really a problem and I just think, I love the shellac so much that it’s all good.


Finding a good nail salon can sometimes feel tricky, but the way that I found Nataya is I used the app Treatwell, which used to wahonda , which I how I found her, because you can look on reviews on there. , so that’s really, really helpful and you can look in your area. I’ll link that down below actually so you can go and feel free to check that out. But it can be really, really useful because obviously like I say you can see the reviews, which salon is nearest to you, what services they offer so it can be super, super useful.


I’m just trying to think if I have any other FAQs about my good old shellac nails. I guess when I have lighter colours, I tend to have three coats, whereas if I had a deeper colour, I might just have two coats; that excludes the top coat and the base coat, they come all the time anyway. Three coats for a lighter colour is the sweet spot, it’s awesome.


So those are all the bits and bobs I can think to mention in this video, if you have any other questions please do leave them down below. I hope that you’ve enjoyed these videos. If you’ve liked these videos that have that bit of a vloggy feel, then do let me know, thank you so much for watching my 10 Years of Chyaz videos, I will see you in my videos tomorrow, or my video tomorrow should I say, so thanks for watching, don’t forget to subscribe, give me a thumbs up and I’ll see you soon. Bye!