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Your feet see a lot of wear and tear every day, give them the care they deserve.

Nataya Beauty in Manchester has different foot treatments depending on what you need, from a simple pedicure, to taking care of the entire foot, to additional gel CND Shellac nails for only £10 more.

We know a lot of people hate their feet being touched, but think how amazing it will look to have your nails polished and your feet pampered.

The mini pedicure comes with:
Cuticle Tidy | File | Shape | CND Vinylux Application

The luxury pedicure involves:
Cuticle Tidy | File | Shape | Soak | Exfoliation | Cuticle Tidy | Hard Skin Smoothing | Product Prescription | Foot and Leg Massage | CND Vinylux Application

The deluxe pedicure comprises of the above as well as a Paraffin Wax Treatment!

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Add CND Shellac gel polish to any luxury or deluxe pedicure for only £10 if you’re really looking to treat youself.

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CND Shellac, IBX Repair and Natural Nail Rehab

At Nataya Beauty, our favourite nail polish is CND Shellac because of its 14+ days of high-performance wear.

It also has over 100 fashion-forward colours, and it is the only easily-available product on the market which doesn’t require the nail to be filed or buffed.

CND Shellac is also loved all round because it is 3-free and it dries instantly. 3-free means CND contains no formaldehyde, no dibutyl phthalate and no toluene.

If you last had your CND Shellac applied at at our salon, Nataya Beauty will remove it for free.

During a complimentary nail consultation, we can look at any peeling, split or ridged nails, or at any white spots or dents in the nail and treat accordingly.

This can be just by going with the natural look, or we have find that our CND Shellac offers the power and protection your nails need.

We also offer CND Smoothing Gel and IBX Repair System to get rid of any chips or breaks.

IBX Nail repair
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Try it at home

No time to come into Manchester for a salon visit? Try CND Vinylux Nail Polish to keep your toes looking fresh. If your feet are looking for a little extra pampering, try something from our Footlogix range where we have something for everyone.


Footlogix has been developed in order to help with a variety of foot conditions, from dryness to even diabetes.

The revolutionary foot-care range can treat almost any feet, and it is non-occlusive, non-greasy and hygienic.